VI International Conference on Architecture
and Gender

1973-2023 (International)
Archive of Women in Architecture

2023, October 3rd-6th / School of Architecture
Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)

ICAG 2023 program

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The first International Congress on Architecture and Gender took place in Seville in 2014, promoted and organised by the architect Nuria Álvarez Lombardero. Since then, other editions have been organised in Lisbon in 2015, Florence in 2017, Brighton in 2019 and Lisbon (online due to the pandemic) in 2021. Each congress has brought together a large number of researchers from several continents to discuss the questions posed by the organisers of these congresses, all of them with the common denominator of making the work of women architects visible.

In 2023, Valencia will host the sixth edition of this congress, with the research theme (International) Archive of Women in Architecture. The event will be linked to the International Archive of Women in Architecture IAWA and will contribute material produced at this congress to its collections. In association to this event, a specific call will be launched for the global initiative, “1×1,” which is led by members of the executive committee of the IAWA Center at Virginia Tech, Donna Dunay and Paola Zellner. The Workshop Nuestras Arquitectas, offered in parallel to the congress, will invite both students and interested members of the public to investigate the women architects that have contributed to the shaping of the city of Valencia.  This workshop will be led by Inés Moisset, Carolina Quiroga and Verónica Benedet, researchers responsible for this line of research in Argentina, linked to Un día Una arquitecta and LINA research groups.

The city of Valencia, the Universitat Politècnica de València and the ETS Arquitectura UPV will host an event of great international impact in a field of study clearly aligned with the SDGs and the expectations of progress of the city and the UPV.