Speakers & Chairs

Keynote speakers

  • Amelia Vilaplana

    Amelia Vilaplana

    Amelia Vilaplana is an Architect and founder of Vilaplana Studio, an Architecture practice with a special interest in building meaningful…

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  • Anna Bofill Levi

    Anna Bofill Levi

    PhD Architect and music composer. Since 1966, she has collaborated with Taller d’Arquitectura-Bofill for more than 15 years, on projects…

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  • Anna Sokolina

    Anna Sokolina

    Anna Sokolina, PhD is an architect, curator, Routledge featured author, founding chair of SAH Women in Architecture Affiliate Group, Advisory Board member of …

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  • Carolina Quiroga

    Carolina Quiroga

    Architect specialized in Heritage Conservation, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Director of the Platform LINA Laboratory>Intervention + Architecture that teaches…

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  • Dafne Saldaña Blasco

    Dafne Saldaña Blasco

    Dafne Saldaña Blasco, Architect by ETSAB-UPC (2011), Master in Women, Gender and Citizenship Studies, IIEDG (2015) and PhD in Gender…

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  • Daniela Arias Laurino

    Daniela Arias Laurino

    Degree in Architecture from the University of the Republic of Uruguay (UdelaR). She holds a PhD in Theory and History…

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  • Dolores Hayden

    Dolores Hayden

    Dolores Hayden, Professor of Architecture, Urbanism, and American Studies Emerita at Yale University, writes about built environments and the politics…

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  • Elia Gutiérrez Mozo

    Elia Gutiérrez Mozo

    María Elia Gutiérrez Mozo (ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-5368-7593). Architect from the University of Navarra, 1992. PhD in Architecture from the Polytechnic University…

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  • Inés Moisset

    Inés Moisset

    Architect from the National University of Cordoba and PhD in Architectural Composition from the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia….

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  • Justine Clark

    Justine Clark

    Justine Clark is an architectural editor, writer, researcher, advisor and advocate. She is a co-founder and director of Parlour: gender,…

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  • Lori Brown

    Lori Brown

    Through design research, writing, and advocacy, Lori A. Brown FAIA is transforming architecture into a more diverse discipline responding to…

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  • Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno

    Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno

    Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno is a Professor of History and Theory of Architecture at the University of Zaragoza in Spain, and…

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  • María Carreiro

    María Carreiro

    María Carreiro (Ourense, 1961) holds a PhD in Architecture from the Universidade da Coruña, UDC. She teaches Architectural Projects at…

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  • María Novas Ferradás

    María Novas Ferradás

    María Novas Ferradás is currently completing her Ph.D. in History of Architecture and Architectural Theory at Universidad de Sevilla focusing…

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  • Nuria Álvarez Lombardero

    Nuria Álvarez Lombardero

    Nuria Álvarez Lombardero studied Architecture and Urbanism at ETSA Madrid, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Architectural Association of London…

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  • Paola Zellner

    Paola Zellner

    Paola Zellner graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires and practiced architecture in Argentina and Uruguay. She obtained a Masters Degree…

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  • Patricia Santos Pedrosa

    Patricia Santos Pedrosa

    Architect, researcher, professor, feminist, activist, and mother. Assistant Professor (University of Beira Interior, Architecture). Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre for…

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  • Serafina Amoroso

    Serafina Amoroso

    Serafina Amoroso is an architect (Università degli Studi di Firenze, 2001), PhD in Architectural and Urban Design (Università Mediterranea di…

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  • Suzanne Ewing

    Suzanne Ewing

    Suzanne Ewing holds a Personal Chair of Architectural Criticism at the University of Edinburgh. She is an established leader in…

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  • Verónica Benedet

    Verónica Benedet

    Architect from the University of Buenos Aires, PhD from the University of the Basque Country. Post-doctoral researcher at the University…

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  • Yazmín M. Crespo Claudio

    Yazmín M. Crespo Claudio

    Yazmín M. Crespo Claudio is a Puerto Rican architect, scholar-activist, co-founder/director of taller Creando Sin Encargos (tCSE), adjunct professor and…

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  • Alejandra Estrada Galeano

    Associate Professor Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia. Junior Researcher Minciencias – Ministry of Education of Colombia. Peer reviewer in the…

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  • Ana Gabriela Godinho Lima

    Architect and urban planner graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (USP) in…

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  • Ana Navarro

    Ana Navarro Bosch, architect by the ETS Arquitectura (Universitat Politècnica de València) since 2001, PhD in Architecture in 2016 with…

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  • Atxu Amann y Alcocer

    Atxu Amann y Alcocer is an architect from the ETSAM where she coordinates the master’s degree and PhD programme in…

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  • Cándido López

    Cándido López (A Coruña, 1962) holds a PhD in Architecture from the Universidade da Coruña, UDC. He teaches in the…

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  • Débora Domingo-Calabuig

    Débora Domingo-Calabuig is an architect PhD and professor of Architectural Design at the Universitat Politècnica de València. Her interests include…

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  • Eva Gil Lopesino

    Born in Madrid, she is an architect (2009) from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid and the TU…

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  • Eva Morales Soler

    PhD in Architecture (2017). Master in Environmental Anthropology. Associate Professor at the School of Architecture of Malaga (2022), since 2013…

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  • Helena Souto

    Maria Helena Souto, Associate Professor at IADE-Universidade Europeia, holds a PhD in Art Sciences (Universidade de Lisboa) and a master’s…

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  • Inés Novella

    Urban architect and Master in Equal Opportunities, she is a researcher for the UNESCO Chair in Gender Policies in Science,…

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  • Laura Lizondo

    Laura Lizondo-Sevilla (Valencia, 1979). Graduated in Architecture from the School of Architecture of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) in…

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  • Lia Gil Antunes

    Architect and researcher (dARQ-UCoimbra & CIEG / ISCSP-ULisboa), she has been working on the history of architecture and the construction…

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  • Maite Palomares

    Maite Palomares, Architect, PhD and Master’s Degree in Architectural Heritage Conservation, all of them at Universitat Politècnica de València. The…

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  • María Sánchez Llorens

    Architect and Doctor in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). Associate Professor in the Department of Graphic Design…

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  • Mizoocky Mota

    Architect graduated from UNPHU with a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and Sustainability from the University Institute of Architecture of…

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  • Ruth Verde Zein

    Architect, Ph.D. Professor of Theory and Design at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo, Brazil. Member of CICA – International Committee…

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  • Verónica Rosero

    Co-founder of I+D+A Estudio de Arquitectura, an office that combines research, dissemination and architecture. PhD in Architecture from the University…

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  • Zaida Muxí

    She holds a PhD in Architecture and teaches Urban Planning at the ETSAB-UPC. Between 2004 and 2014 she co-directed with…

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